About Us

It all started with an idea; an idea that two Vermont artists with a passion to transform old objects and materials could team up, combine talents and create incredible works of art.


We were both trying to make a go of it on our own, then we stumbled into each other at a local chili festival. We began to discuss our ideas and our passions to create from the old. We had a common interest; use found objects and wasted materials to bring people back to nature. There was an instant realization that we had to combine our talents and work together.  


We both have a passion to transform our ideas into reality. A passion for old objects and materials that once served another purpose, all of which are bold and tell a story just on their own. 


When surrounded by a disposable world we feel an intrinsic obligation to use these materials that have been written off to be buried or burned. Many see these materials as waste when in reality they are superior to anything we could go purchase new; they have character, they tell a story, they are connected to our past. We want to bring new life to these objects that have been forgotten. 

But it goes beyond the materials, it’s a belief and realization that two can achieve multitudes more than one; that half ideas can become complete realities.  

Step into our workflow, enter a playground of idea generation, materials, paint and energy. Sketch books strewn across tables full of half ideas soon to become three-dimensional realities. Colorful pallets of paint alongside empty spray cans that recently captured a midnight sky. Saw dust that has showered down onto materials that we have been liberated from their undetermined future. 

We believe in challenging the status quo, going against the grain, and asking the right questions. We can all design our own lifestyle which allows us to pursue our passions, to create, to travel, to experience life and appreciate what matters most. 

So look around. Be curious. Be inspired. Be sustainable. Value what matters most.  Go pursue your passions.


But let's be honest about what is most important, it’s just plain fun.


 - Molly & Jesse